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ACT High Scores and Earning Scholarships

As a senior in college, I remember the high school college application proccess all too well. This article will offer you advice on the ACT and how to achieve a high score.

One of the most important and influential parts of the college admissions process is taking the ACT standardized admissions test. Getting a high score of 30 to 36 can greatly improve your chances of getting admitted to the best colleges. Furthermore, getting a high ACT score is necessary for getting scholarships for college. By getting a high ACT score, you will qualify for many scholarships at colleges than may have otherwise been possible.

If you are in high school, seriously consider doing the best you can do on the ACT. You may be stressed out about this exam, but use this stress to benefit you instead of letting it overwhelm you. There are many ways to prepare for the ACT standardized exam, which this article will discuss in an in depth fashion.

Among these many ways to prepare are checking out ACT prep books from your local library, perhaps taking an ACT test prep course, or even paying to find a private tutor to instruct you for the ACT. Some ACT test prep courses are now even being conducted online. However you ultimately choose to study for the ACT is completely your choice.

Getting a high ACT score can mean getting thousands of dollars for college. I once knew a friend in my graduating class from high school that received a $5,000 scholarship to the University of Michigan, simply because she had scored a 32 on the ACT. This score is not impossible to achieve, and in fact may actually be very realistic given the amount of resources you have to prepare for the ACT. If you have a lower G.P.A. in high school, then achieving a high ACT score may be your route to getting into the college of your dreams.

In addition to my friend that had scored a 32 on the ACT, I also knew a student in a few grades ahead of me that scored a perfect 36 on the ACT. Because he chose to take very hard courses in high school, his G.P.A. was very low. However, his perfect score on the ACT helped him very much in gaining admission to various colleges. His high ACT score opened up doors that would have been completely impossible otherwise. This young man could have attended Harvard University, had he chosen to do so. He also qualified for full ride scholarships at many other colleges. The power of a high score is something you should seriously consider investing your time and money in achieving.

If you do not have hundreds of dollars to spend on taking an ACT test prep course, try achieving a high score on the ACT by checking out test prep books from your local library. There are many companies that create test prep books specifically for the ACT. The Princeton Review consistently writes an up-to-date test prep book on the ACT every year. I found The Princeton Review books to be the most helpful in preparing for the ACT. I also enjoyed using The Princeton Review test prep books, because these books usually included a few practice exams in them.

There are many other ACT test prep books out there. If your local library does not have an adequate selection of ACT test prep books, consider purchasing books online. Often, people that are done using their ACT test prep books will sell their old ones online very cheap. If you pursue this route in studying for the ACT, the best way to study efficiently is to create a plan.

In creating a plan, make sure you set out which lessons you will read on each day leading up to the exam. Also make sure you set aside time every day to take practice sections or full length practice exams. By creating an ACT plan with specific dates and times to study, you are ensuring that nothing else will distract you from this priority. Make achieving a high score on the ACT one of your priorities. The benefits you will receive from this priority may serve you throughout the rest of your lifetime.

Earning Scholarships with High ACT ScoresThe next possible route in studying for the ACT is taking an ACT test prep course. First, check to see if any teachers in your high school are offering ACT prep courses at a highly discounted fee. Maybe there are even ACT prep courses being given at a different high school nearby. Many teachers choose to teach these ACT test prep courses, because they understand the advantage in preparing for the ACT.

If you are not able to find high school teachers giving ACT prep courses, then I recommend investing your money in a course given by a private test prep company. The Princeton Review is probably the most renowned test prep company for the ACT, but there are also many other test prep companies that exist. Make sure to compare the prices of these companies.

I also recommend finding online reviews of each test prep company. This way, you will find the best test prep company that will help you achieve a high ACT score. Be aware that taking an ACT test prep course is a major commitment of your time. You may be spending at least twenty hours a week studying for this test by taking an ACT test prep course.

The last option in studying for the ACT may be to hire a personal instructor. First try seeing if there is another student from your high school that you can hire. Maybe there is a student in the grade ahead of you, that will help teach you ACT strategies for a largely discounted fee. This one on one study time may be the most effective form of studying for you. Next, you can try finding a personal instructor through test prep companies. However, this option can be very expensive.

Taking the ACT is one of the most important parts of the college admissions process. Make sure you achieve a high ACT score, and you will be able to get into colleges and qualify for many scholarships. Do not underestimate the importance of a high ACT score. Take studying for this test seriously, and you will succeed throughout the college application process.

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